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my cool dog collars


my cool dog collars are fully functional, funky dog style!  adjustable in size, each collar is an original design and handmade with love



made with aircraft cable and wood beads. chain for adjustable length. each is equipped with necessary ring for leash attach and ID tags. each collar also has their own cute, personalized charm



can be special ordered in custom colour (depending on current bead selection), and can be made to any length.  your pets are unique and so are we!



my cool little dog-birch

C$ 20.00

(C$ 0.00 shipping)

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classy and elegant with pearls for your little dog


whoville xmas collar

C$ 20.00

(C$ 0.00 shipping)

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a great festive collar! perfect for those holiday photos 🎄


my cool cat collar

C$ 12.00

(C$ 1.00 shipping)

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colorful and unique! your cat is a cool cat! multiple colors and designs available. message us with a choice selection 

payment process


at the present time only the 'spotlight feature' is available for purchase through paypal or credit card.  please send us a message for any item or purchase inquiries.  questions will be answered to the best of our knowledge.   with communication, orders can also be paid via interact e-transfer.  all orders will be processed, packaged and sent out within 48hrs of receiving payment.  all items are guaranteed of workmanship.  please let us know of any concerns or praise!  thanku for shopping my BrownDog!