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my cool dog collars


 introducing comfortable my cool dog collars by myBrownDog!  your dog will be the coolest dog at the park wearing one of these beaded dog collars!  hip, strong and functional, each collar is handmade with love and is adjustable for comfort

 we are now available for purchase at 🌼Charmed Floral Design🌺 in St.Albert, AB.  check out their webpage

  you can also find us at 🐶Premium Pet Styling at 6843 Ellerslie Rd sw, Edm, AB. check out their webpage and at The Golden Bone pet groomer, 4740 50 ave, Calmar, AB.  Peek at their webpage at

beautifying natural stone

 my BrownDog bead shop offers unique and handmade accessories and decor.  express yourself with gemstone bracelets, earrings and anklets.  also sparkling, window brightening sun-catchers.  we welcome you to shop jewelry and find the perfect piece! 

 all items are handmade with love and creativity. naturally energizing and ready to be shipped to your door. 

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gold tone anklet

C$ 21.00

(C$ 2.00 shipping)

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pretty gold tone anklet. perfect for fall 🍂


my cool tiny dog collar-carrot

C$ 18.00

(C$ 0.00 shipping)

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carrot! orange and yellow with pearls! 

earths stones

lapis lazuli


lapis lazuli is a combination rock type of calcite, lazurite and pyrite.  lapis lazuli is a 9th anniversary gemstone.  a stone of protection that may be worn to guard against psychic attacks.  lapis lazuli quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace.  it brings harmony and deep inner self- knowledge. 



amethyst has healing powers to help with physical ailments, emotional issues, and in energy healing and chakra balancing. amethyst crystal therapies are primarily associated with physical ailments of the nervous system, the curing of nightmares and insomnia, and balancing the crown chakra. 



peridot stones are good for asthma and sinus.  they have their nursing powers which have given magical effects on eye, stomach, thyroid, liver and other body parts. peridots are known to alleviate anger, fear, depression, nervousness, anxiety and jealousy. 

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we love our customers, so feel free to contact us by email anytime.  always open on the world wide web!

  if you see something you love but having trouble purchasing, let us know and we'll make it right 

my BrownDog


colorful bracelets


blues, greens, pinks, yellows! every color of the rainbow!  natural tones like pearlescent labradorite greys and jasper agate browns. sparkly bright crystals.  translucent moonstone and opals. multi colorful jade stones.  so much to choose from! 

anklets for attire



beautiful gemstones anklets to go with your favourite pair of jeans or accessorize your favourite outfit.  pair with matching earrings or bracelet for a creative, complete self expressing look 

my cool dog collars


handcrafted funky style for your dog.  all my cool dog collars are made one by one with love, using aircraft cable and metal hardware, with bright and colourful or natural wood beads in assorted shapes and sizes. each collar has a cute charm and is adjustable in size. each is equipped with a metal ring for leash attach and i.d tag. perfect for use as a fully functional collar or a decorative necklace

payment process



at the present time only the 'spotlight feature' is available for purchase through paypal or credit card.  please send us a message for any item or purchase inquiries.  questions will be answered to the best of our knowledge.   with communication, orders can also be paid via interact e-transfer.  all orders will be processed, packaged and sent out within 48hrs of receiving payment.  all items are guaranteed of workmanship.  please let us know of any concerns or praise!  thank you for shopping my BrownDog!

my BrownDog loves to give back!


my BrownDog was inspired by things i love ❤️  handcrafting gorgeous works of art provided by mother nature, and spending time with my furry, fabulous brown dog. thanks to the love of all things furry and not so furry, $2 from every item sold from the my BrownDog  website, will be donated to IFAW.   the International Fund for Animal Welfare's mission is to rescue and protect animals from around the world.


shipping info



myBrownDog is based out of Edmonton, AB.  small packages will be sent out by Canada Post, unless requested otherwise. cost of shipping will be calculated and charged to the customer. free shipping within Canada on orders over $50 CAD. stocked items do exceed what the website shows so if you are in the Edmonton area, drop us a line for in person viewing!